Medical Moment for March 2022

Medical Moment for March 2022

Study Opportunity!
Do you have a child adopted as an embryo?
You may want to participate!

  • Is your child(ren) between 1-16 years old?
  • Did you use donated eggs, sperm, or embryos to establish your family?
  • Would you like information from leading clinicians, researchers, and dedicated parents on how to talk with your child(ren) about their conceptual origins?

What the Study is About

  • In this 3-month study, sponsored by National Institutes of Health, investigators want to learn how parents use a confidential, online platform called the TELL Tool to see if parents find the information helpful.
  • Parents will be asked to view the TELL Tool program once, and complete online surveys 4 times over 3 months.
  • A $50 compensation is provided to each parent over the 3 months.

Confidential Study

  • Contact: Patricia Hershberger, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, FAAN by:
  • Email:
  • Study Website: and fill out the PURPLE eligibility form