Angela and Tim’s story- On the air with Carrie Abbott

Angela Wingert and Carrie Abbot

Angela and Tim’s story- On the air with Carrie Abbott

Angela Wingert and Carrie Abbott at the radio station studio AM 630

More fun news about embryo adoption with Carrie Abbott!

Carrie Abbott

This last week we were featured on Carrie Abbott’s radio program “Relationship Insights with Carrie Abbott”. This interview included a great friend and adopting mother, Angela Wingert. She and her husband Tim are expecting twins in July. This is an insightful and inspiring story of one families road to recovery from infertility. The twins will be the first children for Angela and Tim. Even more exciting they are expecting twin boys! Listen in and be encouraged!



Angela and Tim Wingert

Proud mom and dad of soon to be born twin boys! Angela and Tim Wingert

Staying tuned for the up and coming baby pictures! We will keep you posted!

Souls on Ice… Miracle stories of embryo adoption

Souls on Ice

We have been getting wonderful feedback about our book! People say that is really touches their heart in a very meaningful way. Recently, we sent a copy to George Bush, and he wrote both Elisha and I each a nice note of appreciation. He is and always was a champion for the unborn embryos, vetoing embryonic stem cell research in 2005. He also funded a grant to promote embryo adoption awareness We are so grateful!

George Bush

Here are the copies of the recent letters from George Bush. The letter on the right is to our daughter Elisha. She was adopted as a frozen embryo and was present at this fun event in the photo above when she was about 2 1/2. My husband Jeff and I had such a great time at the White House and meeting George W. Bush. Who could have known at the time, what all of it would eventually mean, – the founding of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park!

Letter to Maria from George Bush  Letter to Elisha from George Bush

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Memorial Day… Honoring Our Heroes

Memorial Day

To those that served. We are grateful.

We know many families that have lost loved ones in our very recent history. Our heart and prayers go out to them this Memorial Day. For them, this is much more than a three day weekend. This is a very personal, and painful “holiday”. If this is true for your family, please know that we are thinking of you, praying for you, and that we are grateful for the sacrifices you and your families have made, so that we can still live in a free America. God bless you, and your entire family, now, and for all your generations. We will always be thankful, and grateful for your service and sacrifice on behalf of our nation, and families.

Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park exists to help families struggling with infertility and also to assist families that have remaining embryos in the freezer. We are dedicated to bring families together for Life!


Maria Lancaster
President and Co-Founder

Issaquah in Spring

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess the greatness of the miracle of God…. Everyone will realize what amazing things He does.” Psalm 64:9