April and Mike Welcome Henry Joseph

April and Mike Welcome Henry Joseph

April 12th, 2018 9# 5 oz. 21.75”
Embryo adoption brings families together for life!

Welcome Henry Joseph

Our baby boy that you helped add to our family arrived on Thursday April 12. He has passed all of his tests in the hospital and is healthy. He is generally a quiet baby and is very curious. Already a great sleeper, voracious eater, and super content. He fits right in!

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Congratulations to Mike, April and Henry for becoming a family. Nothing but fun to come now.

April is healing well, Mike feels like he has always been here, and we are both very happy. God has really blessed us!

There is nothing more wonderful than having a new baby. We are so happy and joyful that Henry arrived safely, and now is in your arms, and your hearts forever!

Joy of Henry

Henry Joseph what a handsome little man you are, making Mom and Dad proud of you! You are going to have a wonderful life, full of love, and adventures!

Souls on Ice book

Souls on Ice
True Miracle Stories of Embryo Adoption

“This story was wonderfully written and so encouraging. My husband and I are in the process of adopting embryos so this was a perfect read for both of us. My husband doesn’t enjoy reading, but he read this quickly. After reading, we discussed the feelings that I was having through infertility as did the author. It was so great to hear her story and associate it to our journey. Excellent read for anyone and people deciding on Embryo Adoption. It’s something my husband and I wished we’d known about sooner. My thanks and prayers to the author!”
Foreword by Mike Huckabee

Link to purchase HERE

Betty Lorraine….

Steals the Cute Show – Again

Once again this little sweetheart and her mother Meggan have given us all something to smile about! She’s just so cute! Betty Lorraine is 6 month old and a joy to her parents Meggan and Gaylord. We know your Easter was a fun and joy filled day. Thanks for sharing this with us all!