Check Out the Christmas Babies!

Lincoln Roy

Check Out the Christmas Babies!

Merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year for 2017!

This beautiful miracle baby boy is bringing joy to a new mom and dad. We are pleased to announce that Claudio and Merchy are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy, Sebastian! Congratulations, Claudio and Merchy. There is nothing more joyous than a baby’s first Christmas! We are rejoicing with you Claudio and Merchy. We pray you have the best Christmastime and New Year’s ever!


Sebastian, a very special baby boy!

The Story

“Sebastian was born on October 11 at 10:11pm. We cannot describe the joy and happiness that Sebastian has brought since he was born. Sebastian’s birth has filled our hearts and we thank God for giving us the opportunity to be parents. We, like many of you who are reading this newsletter, went through many disappointments, but at the end, God is in control and we can tell that He fulfills all the dreams that he has placed in our hearts. Sebastian is 2 months old and he is doing great. He and I enjoy watching basketball and soccer, and he loves it!”

Claudio and Merchy, the proud parents!

A GIFT for you!

We have copies of The Gift of Life. Fantastic to show at Life Sunday, youth groups,
adult education class, or to watch with your teenage children.

The Gift of Life

If you would like copy please email us at:

Watch the trailer HERE

A special thanks to governor Mike Huckabee his role in the production of this inspirational film. Many great stories of hope, and redemption are told.

Mike Huckabee

December 1, 2016 with Mike Huckabee, at Women of Washington Luncheon with Pastor’s Jay and Sandy Smith, also with Maria and Elisha Lancaster. We are grateful to Governor Huckabee for his unwavering value of the unborn child, including human embryos. Thank you, Governor Huckabee!

East Coast Kids From New York Christmas Twins~ !

Christmas Elijah and Owen

We are amazed at how fast Elijah (left) and Owen (right) have grown! They’ll be 19 months on Christmas Eve. God is good! They’re running around now and are soaking up their world here in snowy New York.

-Rick & Christina

Christmas Siblings in Illinois!

Joshua and Jeremiah Christmas

Merry Christmas from David and Andrea (Illinois) and their sons Joshua (7) and Jeremiah (almost 1)! Jeremiah was adopted as an embryo and will be celebrating his first Christmas and his first birthday this week. Merry Christmas to you!!


A Baby GIRL is on the way!

Many Congratulations to Joe and Ana. She’s on the way in Michigan… Another first born baby for this sweet couple.

Joe and Ana

Ana and Joe are expecting their first born child, a baby girl. This was a miracle match, with a wonderful placing family in Washington State. The embryos were flown to Michigan to Joe and Anna’s doctor’s office.

It’s amazing how this works! Congratulations are in order to Joe and Ana. : )

From The Netherlands!

David and Else with baby Amy Elizabeth.

Amy Elizabeth with David and Else

Else recently flew from The Netherlands for another embryo transfer, and we are hopeful for baby number 2! We are praying for this new life.

Due ANY Day in Georgia!

Congratulations to James and Melissa

James and Melissa

There is NOTHING more amazing than a first born child after years of waiting. We are thrilled for this family and we are waiting to see the newborn pictures!

Speaking of International…. Congratulations to Andrea and Jennifer in India!

Andrea and Jennifer

Jennifer came to Seattle for her embryo transfer. What a miracle baby girl Agnes Hope is!

Happy New Year : )

News from Iowa….

“This is Ivan James born February 8th, 2014. We are so blessed, by what the Lord has done and continues to do. We’re also very thankful for EASCP, and Maria’s tireless work, to help us through this process. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”


Ivan James

This little guy is now an Iowa farm boy! He’s going to have a great life because someone cared that he would have a chance to be born.

Christmas Blessings from Pennsylvania!

JD and Katie with Judah David

JD and Katie love their firstborn boy Judah David! Praying for a sibling. Keep them in your prayers!

The Sweetest Little Miracle

Her first flight was on an airplane from Washington State to Delaware as a frozen embryo~!

“She is our joy and answer to prayer! we are so thankful for Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park!”

– Nate and Kim of Delaware

Hannah Joy - Christmas

Merry Christmas to Nate, Kim and Hannah Joy. She turns 2 in February 2017. Pre-birthday wishes to you, sweet girl.

Here’s a little bundle of boy JOY!

Lincoln Roy from Wyoming. His first Christmas.

Lincoln Roy

And here is the happy mom and dad: Mike and Darci with Lincoln!

Lincoln with Dari and Mike

Lincoln is also a first born child to Dari and Mike. Darci came from Wyoming to Seattle to have her embryo transferred.

Congratulations Mike and Darci!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to your and yours. : )

Here’s another super special guy, Scott James.

Named after Daddy, Scott. Scottie is 2 years old and will be 3 in June. He is also a first baby to Karen and Scott.

Scott, Karen and Scott

Best Wishes to you Scott and Karen! Enjoy this special time of year. God is amazing. It’s just how he does things.