Christmas Babies 2015

Amy and Lee with the twins

Christmas Babies 2015

Amy and Lee with Lewis and Elliot going home from the hospital.


First of all, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas! We pray you are having good times with your family and friends. We also want to share with you, the great news that Amy and Lee have become first time parents to two beautiful boys that just went home from the hospital for their first Christmas! There is no greater joy than a baby for this time of year, and for a family that waited patiently for their miracle. Amazing!

Congratulations to Amy and Lee! Twin Christmas baby boys!

“As some of you know, my water broke at 35 weeks, and our baby boys arrived on Saturday night 12/5: Lewis Gordon (8:45 pm, 5 lbs 0.2 oz, 48 cm) and Elliot Robert (9:54 pm, 4 lbs 17.8 oz, 47.6 cm). They spent a few days in the the NICU, and everyone has been wonderful. They’re growing every day and have gotten spectacular care, they are in excellent hands-including ours, regularly!”

And there is more…..

“We are busy and our hearts are full! Things are going very well. The boys came home on Friday December 18th from the NICU. They are gaining weight and sleeping pretty much full time when they’re not eating. 🙂 We are so grateful to God and the donor family for the gift of having them with us!” Lee and Amy

Dear Lee and Amy, We wish you the very best Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas Town

Rick and Christina with Elijah and Owen

Christina and Rick - Christmas

Christina and Rick with their boys, Elijah and Owen.

“We are so excited to introduce to the world our two miracle sons, born on May 24th, 2015: Elijah (My God is Jehovah) Samuel and Owen (Young warrior) Fletcher. After eight years of trying to start a family, Owen and Eli are true testament to the prayers of many faithful people. They are reminders that God always keeps His promises! We are so incredibly grateful to Maria and her guidance through our entire embryo adoption process. We thank God for our donor family, who selflessly gifted us with our children. How can we even begin to say thank you? We will continue to share our story and spread the word about embryo adoption. It has changed our life forever!”

-Rick and Christina

“I promise this very day that I will repay two blessings for each of your troubles.” Zechariah 9:12

Have the best Christmas ever, Rick and Christina!

Dear Friends,

We want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas season this year. The birth of Jesus was the most significant birth of a child in all of human history. He suffered and died, for our transgressions, and rose from the dead. We celebrate his birth, because his life has given New Life to each one of us that calls upon him for help. We pray that the families still struggling with infertility will receive their miracle this year. We look forward to what the Lord will do in 2016, and we are praying for his guidance.

God bless you this Christmas! Maria Lancaster

First Christmas

The first Christmas. Mary & Joseph with Jesus

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess the greatness of the miracle of God….
They will realize what amazing things He does.” Psalm 64:9