Congratulations Jenna and Joshua of Texas!

Congratulations Jenna and Joshua of Texas!

2019 is off to a great start! 19 babies on the way for 2019! More to come before it’s over proving to be a record breaking year for us!

Congratulations Jenna and Joshua of Texas!

Lorelai Has Arrived

The Best Christmas Gift Ever!

With great joy and happiness we want to introduce the newest addition to our embryo adoption family here at Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. This baby was a long awaited much prayed for baby and we know that she is indeed a miracle for this family!

“We hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas. We sure have! Our precious girl, Lorelai was born at 12:15 am on December 15. The past few months were a whirlwind! We are so grateful!”

~Jenna and Joshua

A first time mom…

“I remember the day my own daughter was born. She was also my first baby, and I was a “not that young” mom. Elisha looked a lot like this newborn, too. When I look at this picture, now that Elisha our own daughter is 15, I know the road ahead will be filled with unimaginable joy, fun, sleepless nights and one of the greatest adventures in life that God gives us. The gift of being a mom or dad. Embryo adoption changes things forever. Congratulations Jenna and Joshua! Let the fun begin!”
Maria Lancaster
EASCP Co-founder

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Our Canadian “Ambassadors”

Beth and Neville of Vancouver, B.C.

Pictured here with Tristan and Danika

This beautiful family has adopted 2 children though us from 2 different sets of embryos. Beth and Neville are mentoring some of our Canadian families. Need support? Let us know and we will connect you by email to Beth and Neville.
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Open Adoption Can Work~

This is a picture of Beth and Neville with their first donor family. They have and open relationship with this family. Pictured here when Beth was pregnant with Tristan. Donor dad, Beth, donor mom, and Neville. These families enjoy a wonderful relationship together.Website here!

Neville, Beth, Tristan & Donor Family

We hear from families how helpful this book is! Beth and Neville’s story is Chapter 12 of this book. If you have Souls on Ice, you can go back to Chapter 12 and read about their journey of embryo adoption. It’s a story of hope for you. Email us!
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We are writing another book!

We are looking for your stories!

Here is a family that has a GREAT story. Jake and Alyssa transferred 2 embryos, one twinned and Alyssa gave birth to full term triplets. Time passed and they transferred the 2 remaining embryos, twin boys! Then by a miracle, Alyssa and Jake had their own miracle boy! We want your story for our next book.
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Need Financial Help to Adopt?

We were recently made aware of this organization that can possibly assist with embryo adoption costs. The name of the organization is called Sacred Selections.
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