Congratulations to Ana and Joe!

Sweet dreams to Elyana

Congratulations to Ana and Joe!

Today can be a wonderful day to celebrate family and Motherhood. Sometimes, it can be a painful day, a reminder of losses. We wish to encourage you, and say that we pray for those that are struggling with infertility today. May you find comfort knowing that you are loved by God, and he knows your pain. Last year, Ana, the mom in this newsletter was also waiting for her miracle. We rejoice with her, and stand by you, in prayer today, that this year your prayers will be answered, too. We are here to help you. We are praying for you today!

-Maria Lancaster, Co-founder EASCP

Congratulations to Ana and Joe!

“Our miracle baby girl Elyana (which means the Lord answered our prayers) was born at 4:14pm on April 17, 2017 weighing 7lbs 15oz, 20inches long”


“We have been blessed beyond measure through the birth of our baby Elyana, and we feel so privileged to be her parents! Elyana is a good and happy baby and we are so thankful that God has entrusted us to raise her!”

-Ana & Joe

Sweet dreams to Elyana

Sweet dreams to Elyana!

Ana and Elyana

Ana and Elyana getting ready to go home from the hospital.

First ride in the car

First ride in the car. Congratulations to Joe and Ana! We know you waited a long time for this day. The journey begins!

Every Good Gift

March Gladness

Happy Mother’s Day today!

“Souls on Ice”

A great read to learn about embryo adoption. It’s inspirational, too. The first person to reply, gets a free copy. : ) (U.S. residents)

We are proud of this book. It offers a lot of insight into “how it works” through the stories of everyday people.

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Souls on Ice


Happy Mothers Day