Embryo Adoption is all about Hope for families!

Embryo Adoption is all about Hope for families!

How does a baby change it all?

“Rosie Hope is nine months old! She is turning into such a little extrovert – we meet more strangers because she just loves to charm everyone she sees! She brings so much delight and joy to our days, and our hearts are just bursting with love for her.” Hannah

It’s amazing how embryo adoption can change so many lives in a family!

“Parenthood is incredibly challenging (6 new teeth in the last 3 weeks to remind us of that truth!) and we know there will be plenty more challenges ahead but getting to watch her personality develop, getting to watch her learn and grow and getting to love her and be loved by her are blessings words cannot describe. We are so thankful for the creative way God brought her into our family!”  Hannah and Ben, proud parents

Embryo adoption brings life and joy!

Rose getting her reading time in.

Arizona Passes New Embryo Custody Legislation

Last month, Arizona passed some new legislation regarding the disposition of frozen embryos, that will consider a parent that intends to help them “develop to birth”, even if the other parent may not be on the same page. As we understand it, this is a new approach that Arizona will be the first in the nation to pass. Last week I was on a radio program Live from Seattle with Michelle Mendoza. to discuss the bill, and the consequences and possibilities the bill would enable. Maria Lancaster, Co-Founder EASCP

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In a nutshell:

Pros: Frozen embryos destined for discard can be born

Cons: May cause conflicts between genetic parents

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