Embryo Adoption Twins born on September 23rd, 2023 Congratulations Jen and Mitch!

Embryo Adoption Twins born on September 23rd, 2023 Congratulations Jen and Mitch!

October News
Embryo Adoption Twins born on September 23rd, 2023 Congratulations Jen and Mitch!

Welcoming Alexandria and Benjamin!

Thank you does not do justice for the gratitude Mitch and I have to you for these wonderful children that complete our family. I never imagined having twins (I get asked all the time if they run in our families) but I can’t imagine my life without them now. I’ve educated many people, including my OBs, about embryo adoption and what a wonderful thing it is. We are so blessed to have found Maria and Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. Maria did a fantastic job matching us and we can’t thank her enough for the big part she played in our journey!
~Jen and Mitch

Alexandria Sophia (Allie)
7:22 PM on 9/23/23
18 inches
5 lbs 13 ounces

Benjamin Elliott (Benji)
7:24 PM on 9/23/23
18 1/2 inches
6 lbs 10 ounces

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I want to let you know our twins Alexandria Sophia and Benjamin Elliott arrived on September 23rd via emergency c-section. Benji’s heart rate dropped and my blood pressure rose to unstable levels so I needed to go to the operating room. Allie was just fine, in fact I heard her cry before I even knew they cut me! Benji needed a little bit of oxygen and so he spent around 12 hours in the NICU but is doing great now!

Big brother Connor has been obsessed with the twins. He gets upset when they eat before he gets up because he loves to feed them. He fetches their binkies and blankets but still refuses to change the diapers:)

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