Esther Hope, a frozen embryo baby girl, born for “such a time as this”

Daughter of Rachel and Diony

Esther Hope, a frozen embryo baby girl, born for “such a time as this”

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess the greatness of the miracles of God…. they will realize what amazing things He does.”

Psalm 64:9

Happy Birthday! – September 28th, 2011

Born at 6#5oz. 18.5 inches long! A special day for a special family!

Esther Hope, once in the freezer for several years, now the new beautiful daughter to Rachel and Diony!

Rachel and Diony

Proud parents, Rachel and Diony
Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

Baby in a Basket

Look what the Lord has done!

Greetings from the donor family!

Dear Rachel and Diony,

“We are thrilled to know that you are now the parents you longed to be! It is our great joy to know that our embryos, and now Esther Grace have brought you the happiness of being a mom and dad. It is a great gift to us, to know that you are her parents, and that we were able to be part of your miracle. We could not be more
at peace”!

“When we heard about this program, it was the answer to many prayers. We did not know what to do until we saw an article in the newspaper about Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. Thank you for helping our family. We are so grateful to know Esther Hope has been born”!

– Jodi and Larry
Embryo donors to Rachel and Diony