Hailey and terry are having twin GIRLS!

Hailey and terry are having twin GIRLS!

November 9th, 2020 – 20 babies on the way today!!

What’s New at Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park:
Hailey and terry are having twin GIRLS!

From the new Mom And Dad:

“Our dream came true on August 22, 2020 when our beautiful twin girls were born. Welcome to the world Jamie Jean 3 lbs. 15.5 oz. and Charlotte Rene 4 lbs. 12.5 oz. They could not be more loved!”

~Hailey and Terry

“After 10 years of trying to grow our family, going through various fertility treatments and many miscarriages we were blessed with our twins. We will forever be grateful to the family that chose us and gave us their precious embryos, to Maria Lancaster at EASCP for matching us and facilitating the journey to have our miracle babies.”

“We will never forget Dr. Letterie, Beth our nurse coordinator and the entire Seattle Reproductive Medicine staff for their continued support and helping us explore every option and never giving up on our dream.”

“Our twins are here! They are healthy and thriving. They made all of the struggle and heartache worth it. They are perfect and beautiful. We are truly blessed to have them and cherish every moment as their parents.”

Terry & Hailey
Proud Mom and Dad

How did Hailey & Terry do this?

learn more about how they did this here!

Becoming parents, and raising boys!

Christina and Rick’s Journey!

“Christina and Rick are the proud parents of twin boys, Elijah and Owen. This was a long journey for them. They lived in New York, and we are not allowed to ship embryo into New York, one of the only states where that is the case.
So, Christina and Rick were matched with embryos in Washington and we sent them frozen to Pennsylvania, to a clinic close by to where they lived in New York. The embryos were frozen together in a straw of 2 and so both 8 cell embryos were transferred to Christina. She told me she went to Rick’s place of employment to tell him the big positive pregnancy news. It was a joyous day, after a very long road of fear and faith. Five years later, here they are, a beautiful family. It has been my great joy to see this lovely Couple grow their family over the years. Look what the Lord has done! Congratulations to you,
Rick and Christina!
You are blessed!”
~Maria Lancaster

Making it to the one year birthday party for parents of twins is a celebration of the birthday of course, but also of survival! You made it!!!! The kids survived!

Bundles of J-O-Y!
Elijah and Owen

Brothers forever, too!
God had a plan. : )

We have lots of embryos available! No long wait.

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November Medical Moment!

Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park Medical Moment… Did you know?

We have books to help you!

We published this book. There is a wonderful collection of 12 inspirations true stories of families that have adopted or donated through Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. All families that apply receive a free copy to help them with their embryo adoption journey.

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Frozen But Not Forgotten - Embryo Adoption

My friend Nate Birt published this book. Nate is an adopting dad, and he wrote this excellent work. I call it the “how it works” manual. All of our families that apply also receive a free copy of this valuable and encouraging book. We want to help you, every step of the way!

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First person gets a free copy!

The Bridge Project – Connecting Families

Making connections
with your family!

We are helping families to connect with each other through this project. Both adopting and donating families have been set up with personal Sharefile folders so all updates can be shared and saved. Questions?
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You can support
The Bridge Project!

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to support The Bridge Project, you may donate to our foundation, The Miracle Embryo Foundation that directly supports this heart touching and relationship building work.
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Do you have questions about how to do updates for the Bridge Project?

Start a Word Doc.

  1. Write your letter or note to your family, stating Dear Bob and Sue etc.
  2. Insert your photos, if you have them, into the Word Doc.
  3. Name your masterpiece and save it: Joey’s first birthday for Bob & Sue

Email your update to: maria@adoptembryos.org

We will take care of the rest by adding these updates to your adopter or donor Sharefile folder for them to see. They will be notified by Sharefile that they have updates! People love updates, and we love to pass them on!

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