Happy Birthday to our newborn freezer baby twin girls, Madigan & Campbell, so cute

Madigan and Campbell

Happy Birthday to our newborn freezer baby twin girls, Madigan & Campbell, so cute

Oh, Look what the Lord has done!

Meet the newest members of our Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park Family!

Born healthy one day short of 37 weeks!

Born Wednesday, March 23rd

Madigan Leigh 6# 11oz Campbell Marie 5# 12oz 

These precious little girls were in the freezer for 10 Years!

Now they are the joy of their parents lives!!!!

Congratulations!! Matt and Colleen

So here is how the story goes! 2 years ago, I went out to North Dakota to give a talk. Afterwards, a lovely woman approached me, stating she and her husband had embryos in the freezer. Embryos that had been in the freezer 10 years! They had 3 children with their embryos, the youngest were 8 year old twins! So now they were faced with what to do. Before hearing my talk they had never known about embryo adoption. The embryos were in cryopreservation still.  She told me that she and her husband would discuss it with their priest. After consulting and praying with him, he encouraged this couple pursue embryo adoption as “the only real moral choice”.

Meanwhile, in another state far away, a wonderful, young, childless Catholic family contacted us about adopting embryos. We felt this family was a good match, and the physical characteristics of both families were strikingly similar. The adopting family had a home study as though adopting a born child. They got a doctor’s ok, and all other paperwork was prepared, and agreements were signed. We then flew the embryos across the country, to the waiting adopting parents. Working with their doctor, 2 embryos were thawed and transferred! We all prayed, and asked the Lord for a miracle! Shortly thereafter, the new Mom and Dad were informed they were having twins!

They decided to wait and be surprised, and last week the miracles were born to this world. Now they will know the joy of living, and loving, and everything LIFE has to offer. Two precious girls, two precious daughter’s of the Lord!

We thank God for this day, for this family, and for the lives of everyone involved. Again, look what the Lord has done! 

God knew these girls, while they were in the freezer. He had a plan for their lives all along! 

“I knew you before you were yet formed in your mother’s womb.” Psalms 139:13

Happy Birthday to Julian!!

Julian is one year old!

Julian turned one year old this month on March 10th! 

Doesn’t this picture tell it all? Such a joy to be a mother, such a joy to be loved! And, he is the apple of his Daddy’s eye too!!! 

Pirate Party

Let’s have a “Pirate Party”.You only get to be one year old once!!  There is almost nothing sweeter than celebrating year one. It’s such a milestone in everyone’s life. Congratulations Mom and Dad! Congratulations Julian, and Happy First Birthday with many, many more to come in what will be “a wonderful life!” We Love YOU!! 

Julian was in the freezer for 4 years before being adopted as a frozen embryo. Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park is a Ministry of Cedar Park Church. Our goal is to help families that have embryos in the freezer, and the families that would like to adopt them.

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