Happy Thanksgiving – Petra Rose Steals the Show

Kimberly Spike and Petra

Happy Thanksgiving – Petra Rose Steals the Show


Thanksgiving is a wonderful day, because of regardless of who we are in America, we celebrate, and reflect on all the goodness and blessings in our lives. We connect with family and friends, and we are grateful for all we have!

Happy Thanksgiving

To you, and your family from all of us at EASCP!


Kimberly and Spike traveled from South Dakota to go to Seattle Reproductive Medicine to have their adopted embryos transferred. They have family in Seattle, so it was nice to be able to have family visits while they were working with SRM. They did have to try a few times, and we are thankful they did not give up!

Thoughts from Spike…

“We were thrilled to recently celebrate the first birthday of our daughter, something we didn’t know if we would ever have the privilege of doing. She celebrated many anniversaries on her own as an embryo in storage, but this was truly a special blessing for us. Having a birthday close to Thanksgiving means that we got the opportunity to celebrate with family who we don’t see regularly throughout the year, and Petra was happy to be the center of attention at a big party in her honor. There were even special celebrity guests, with Maria and Elisha being able to come meet our beautiful girl and see the wonderful person she is becoming, all thanks to the help and dedication of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. We are truly thankful this year for everything that has been made possible for us that seemed like just a dream a few years ago.”

Petra and Spike Kimberly and Petra Rose Spike and Petra Rose

Elisha (also adopted as an embryo) and I had such a wonderful and blessed time at this First Birthday for Petra Rose. As mentioned, it did not work the first few times. We think of Kimberly and Spike as truly inspirational and commend them for their dedication, and faith in the process. Disappointment is very painful, and we are so grateful they persevered to see their miracle come forth! Happy FIRST Birthday, Petra Rose! – Maria Lancaster

Thanksgiving Turkey

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