Happy Valentines Day – Betty Lorraine Won The Cutest Photo

Happy Valentines Day – Betty Lorraine Won The Cutest Photo


This is Betty Lorraine, and she has captured our hearts on this Valentine’s Day! She is getting close to 6 months old, and stealing the heart’s of her parents, Meggan and Gaylord. Today is a fun and special day and we wanted to share this little Valentine with you. She is the face of hope in the struggle of infertility. We want to impart hope to those of you that are still suffering with losses because of infertility and related issues. We are here to answer any questions your may have about embryo adoption or embryo donation. Give us a call.


This little lady was frozen 24 years, read about her, and other stories in the article from World Magazine.

Embryo adoption is a miracle journey of hope.

How are embryos frozen and stored? Take a peek.

Embryos are frozen in “straws’ and put into freezer tanks at -200 degrees They can be frozen “indefinitely” and the longest frozen then thawed, transferred, and born is 24 years.

Miracle Embryo

We are thankful to the families that made year end donations!
Your generosity makes dreams come true.

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