Our little Valentine baby girl, Haly, adopted as a frozen embryo after 4 years in freezer!

Sweet Haly

Our little Valentine baby girl, Haly, adopted as a frozen embryo after 4 years in freezer!

Haly Marie Luce Celebrates Her First Valentine’s Day!

Haly was in a freezer at -197 degrees for four years!

First Journey

She is now the joy of her parents and grandparents lives, and a great joy to all of us here at Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. We are a ministry of Cedar Park Church, uniting families that have remaining embryos from fertility treatments with adopting families.

Our “placing” or “donating” families can choose the family they would like their embryos to go to. This way, the families will be known to each other through EASCP only, or they can even choose an “open adoption” relationship. We work with families, through the journey to decide what is best for their family. Our goal is to make sure both families always have a mutual form of contact, so that if and when the time comes, they can contact each other, for the sake of all the born children that are siblings.

Haly’s First Journey – A Trip Across Town

A Trip Across Town

The photo one the left is Haly, minutes before being transferred to Stacy. Doctors refer to this as a “frozen embryo transfer”, or FET. Even at this early stage, all of the DNA to form a baby is all coded within these few cells. The embryo also forms the placenta, which will nourish the baby with food and oxygen. What a miracle it all is!

The photo on the right is the freezer tank that Haly and the sibling embryos were transported in. The embryos were moved from the donating family clinic, to the Luce family doctor in Seattle. This tank is filled with liquid nitrogen to keep the embryos at nearly -200 degrees. We move them carefully, strapped in with a seat belt!

You can read more about Tom and Stacy and their journey with embryo adoption on their blog.

The Luce Family Album

Oct. 17, 2010
The day I met my Mommy and Daddy.

Luce Family

Such a special moment, a moment after birth! The hopes and dreams, all the prayers have been answered!

LOVE my Daddy

I just LOVE my Daddy!

So good to be home

So good to be home!

Christmas Peace

Christmas Peace, a family at last!

Daddy is great at reading to me

Daddy is great at reading to me already.

First big adventure to Leavenworth

My first big adventure to Leavenworth. Mom kept me really cozy.

First bath by Daddy

My first bath. Daddy did a great job!

Baby Circle

Do you know someone that may have embryos in the freezer?

If so, it’s worth forwarding this email to them. You could help your friends, and get a special someone like Haly out of the freezer! We have some wonderful adopting families that are waiting to hold their baby.

Feel free to give them my direct number, 206-391-5042.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Maria Lancaster
Executive Director
Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park