Happy Veteran’s Day November 11, 2023!

Happy Veteran’s Day November 11, 2023!

Happy Veteran’s Day November 11, 2023!
We are especially thinking of our adopting and donor families that are Veterans. We are forever grateful for your service and dedication to our country. We know your families have sacrificed so much for love of our great U.S.A. Thank you~

Naomi Born November 2, 2023
Congratulations to first time parents
Lindsey and Adam!

“We happily welcomed Naomi Olivia into the world on November 2nd! She is 5 lb 11oz and 19.5 inches.”

“She is absolutely gorgeous and we are beyond blessed to call her our daughter!”

“We are all getting adjusted to life together and wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful gift!”

Kenzo @ 3 Months old!

From Kita and Gisel

Kenzo is 3 months old today!
“He’s growing so fast. Look at those cheeks! He smiles and coos often throughout the day, especially when big sister is talking
to him.

Excited to see him grow everyday… so grateful for him.”

~Gisel and Kita

This baby has an older sister that is from the same set of embryos We love it when siblings can be born together!

Appy online for no fee!

How Do We Move Embryos?

How do we move embryos?

When it is necessary to ship embryos we have used Cryoport for all of our shipments over the last 15 years. They do a great job and we can be confident the embryos we are moving will be cared for responsibly at each step of the journey.

Once we have verification to ship embryos to an adopting family clinic, we begin the shipping process. The shipment is coordinated between the sending clinic and the receiving clinic with embryologist involvement on both ends so the tank is loaded and unloaded by someone we know and have their direct contact info.

Cryoport uses a GPS on each tank so the whereabouts of each tank is known in real time. The tank is also equipped with a temperature logger and at the end of each shipment, we are provided with a temperature read out of the internal temperature of the tank. You can see the temperature spike when the tank is opened to load the tank. The internal temperature of the tank is approximately -200 degrees Fahrenheit. The tanks resemble a very large thermos and are brought down to temperature with liquid nitrogen. There is a device in each tank that holds the embryos, so they are not just rolling around to be damaged.

Cryoport ships all tanks “first delivery overnight” and all of the shipping labels are included in the shipments to ensure the embryos are going to the correct location. Both embryologists are emailed copies of the shipping labels in advance to make sure the labels and address are correct. The embryos spend approximately 18-24 hours in the tank while being shipped.

The tank can stay at -200 for up to a week, but we always want them to arrive overnight. If we know of bad weather reports in advance, we do not ship. If there are surprise weather incidents that may delay the tanks, we can hold them over a day for better weather. We do not ship over holidays as that can cause shipping problems we want to avoid in advance.

Because we want to be very thorough when shipping embryos, setting it all up with both clinics can take a couple of weeks to get everyone on both ends ready for the shipment. When the shipment and tank moves at all, we are all sent an instant email about the movement of that tank.

All tanks are insured from 10-25K depending on personal preferences by the adopting family. Cost to ship embryos, including insurance anywhere in the U.S. is about $980.00.

We are very thankful for our long term relationship with Cryoport because we can sleep at night knowing everything will be handled by the highest possible standard for moving embryos that there is.

A special thanks to our Cryoport Logistics Coordinator, Jackie Frost for all your assistance over the years! We appreciate you!

Maria Lancaster CEO Co-Founder EASCP

If you have questions feel free to email me: maria@adoptembryos.org

You can also learn more about Cryoport: www.cryoport.com

We Have Office On Both Coasts – East and West

Embryo Adoption Services
of Cedar Park
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Our Issaquah Office in Washington State

Embryo Adoption Services of
Cedar Park
Meadow Creek Business Center
22525 64th Place #253
Issaquah, WA 98027


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The Bridge Project – Connecting Families

Making connections
with your family!

We are helping families to connect with each other through this project. Both adopting and donating families have been set up with personal Sharefile folders so all updates can be shared and saved.

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