Heartland News

Steva and Brian with newborn Ivan

Heartland News

Here is the BIG NEWS for February! Congratulations to Brian and Steva!

“Our home welcomed Ivan James at 2:08 on 2/8/14.
He was 7lbs 14 oz. 20 1/2 inches long.
His birth was highly anticipated by Grandparents Steve & Jane, and Jim & Beverly, as well as many aunts and uncles.” Steva and Brian

Ivan looks so peaceful

Ivan looks so peaceful and handsome for being a brand new baby!

Congratulations Grama and Grampa

Congratulations Grama and Grampa!

New dad bliss

New dad bliss….
Congratulations to the new family, Steva, Brian and Ivan. The joy is just beginning!

Look what the Lord has done!

Happy First Birthday, Asher!

Asher Christian

You have brought so much joy into our lives – more than we ever could have imagined! Your sweet, sleepy cuddles, goofy grins, scrunchy faces, bubbly giggles, and silly antics have captured my heart as well as your daddy’s. We can’t wait to see who you become in the next few years! We pray you’ll be a “man after God’s own heart”. Abram and Kristen

Is there someone you know that is struggling with infertility?

Maybe you know someone with embryos in the freezer. In either case, this could be a life changing book to purchase for a friend. Looking for a great read for inspiration and hope? We are getting great reviews.

Souls on Ice

We are very pleased to be able to offer a book filled with hope, and encouragement! Foreword by Governor Mike Huckabee. 12 miracle stories that will amaze and inspire you, and give hope to those that struggle with infertility.

This Weeks History Headlines

Ivan James was born!
Proud parents: Steva and Brian

Daniel and Jeanne of WA
Due March 2014
Also their first child.

Katie and JD of PA
First child: It’s a BOY!

Beth and Neville of BC, Canada
Due in May
First child-it’s a boy!

Karen and Scott of MI
Due in June
First child

Aaron and Kimberly of WA
Due in July
Second Miracle

Jacob and Alyssa of IL
Due in August
First babies! TRIPLETS
One embryo twined – wow!

David and Elsa of CA
Due in September
First baby!

Thank you for your prayers for our families. Prayer changes things!

How Embryo Adoption and Donation Works

For the Adopting family…

You are interested in having a child or children, and this seems like a great way to have a baby! You are right, this is a wonderful way to add to your family even if you already have children. While many couples that seek us out are not able to have children, this option is available to families with a child or children that would like to have more. We will handle all your paperwork, ship the embryos, and be the liaison between you and the donating family for life.

Here’s the process to adopt:

  1. Doctor’s Letter – We would have you get a letter from your doctor that you “have no contraindications to pregnancy”.
  2. Home Study – You would have a home study just like adopting a born child. We have social workers that can visit you in any state you live in.
  3. Photobook – We would have you make a photo book and family information to share with a prospective donating family.
  4. Matching – Once we have a match for you we would ship the embryos to your doctor’s clinic to be transferred to you. You would receive all the embryos that the donating family has, so that all the siblings may have a chance to be born in one household if at all possible. You are not responsible for any remaining embryos that may be still be remaining once you have the child or children you desire.

For the Donating Family…

For the donor family, if you have remaining embryos stored in the freezer with your doctor, it can pose a dilemma. Perhaps you have your cherished child or children, and you have remaining embryos in the freezer.

Right now, you have four options for your remaining embryos including:

  1. Continue to keep them stored for a later transfer and future family building.
  2. Discard the embryos.
  3. Donate the embryos for embryonic stem cell research, if they are eligible.
  4. Donate the embryos to another family anonymously, or make them available to a family for embryo adoption where the family could be known to you on some level of contact.

The kind of contact between the families is decided by the donor family. Here are some basic types of contact through our program:

  1. Closed adoption – You would know the first names of the family. You can still have a birth announcement. You can still find out if there was a born child, if you want to know.
  2. Semi-open adoption – You would know the adopting family by their first names only, and have communication facilitated through Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. You would get birth announcement/photos etc.
  3. Open adoption – You would get to know the adopting family on a first and last name basis and would be allowed contact with the family and their child on mutually agreed upon terms.In general, you would give us some info about you and your embryos. We would look for a “match” for you in our files of prospective adopting families. We would send you a family profile to look at. Your embryos remain yours until we have sent you a family that you are comfortable with. We then send information about you to the adopting family based upon the kind of contact your desire. If the adopting family is satisfied, we then have a “match”. After matching and the paperwork is finalized, we move the embryos to the adopting family’s clinic, for them to transfer. This is just “the basics”. We would be glad to discuss the whole process with you in more detail. Feel free to contact us. We can also send you a complete information packet for you to look at.

This is “just the basics” and we would be happy to talk with you on the phone or by email. We can send you a complete information packet with application and everything else you need to get started on your “journey” with embryo adoption.

Please enjoy our web site. We look forward to hearing from you to answer your questions! Don’t forget to also check out our FAQ tab.