How Great Open Adoption Can Be!

Tristan Sebastian

How Great Open Adoption Can Be!

Tristan Sebastian is with us!

Tristan Sebastian safely arrived on May 15, 2014 at 1:11 am weighing 7 lbs and 7 oz., and measuring 20 inches long. Congratulations to Beth and Neville! What a handsome little man he is! What a beautiful miracle story to follow.

And now for the rest of the story! A story of a beautiful open adoption.

Beautiful open adoption

Donor dad Tom, adopting mother Beth, donor mom Lisa, and adopting dad Neville.

Ok, so let me explain. These two bi-racial families were a perfect match. They lived close to each other, although in different countries, U.S. and Canada. When we saw all the similarities, it was clear to us that these families would like each, enjoy each other and that it would be a great fit for the children, too. Tom and Lisa, the donors, have a son and his name is Talon. Now he will be able to know his only sibling, Tristan, and they will grow up knowing each other and be able to play, make memories, and have the joy of each others company as adults. We think this is the best it can be in the embryo donation for adoption world. This takes some maturity, and open mindedness. It also takes courage, and some faith, too. We congratulate both families as they celebrate the birth of Tristan. While a totally open adoption may not be right for every match, when it can work, it is a wonderful gift of God to everyone involved.

Neville Beth and Tristan Sebastian

Neville, Beth and Tristan Sebastian at about two weeks old.

This wonderful story was featured in our new book, “Souls on Ice”. Their story is featured in Chapter 12. When we finished the book, Beth was only 12 weeks pregnant, and having some problems. We were all hoping and praying that all would be well, and it is.

Read an excerpt of Beth and Neville’s story in “Souls on Ice”

Souls on Ice


Order your copy of “Souls on Ice”
Read the “rest of the story”, and how Tristan Sebastian came to be. Many more inspiring stories are included for you to be encouraged.
Foreword by Mike Huckabee!

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