It’s a First Birthday Bash for Brooklyn and Jaxon!

It’s a First Birthday Bash for Brooklyn and Jaxon!

It’s a First Birthday Bash for Brooklyn and Jaxon!

Happy first time parents, Brian and Jeanette.
They made it with smiles!

“We wanted to send an update as Brooklyn and Jaxon celebrated their 1st birthday last month. We did a small photo-shoot and a party for them recently, including some pictures. They’ve been growing so quickly and we can’t believe its been a year already. Everyday they learn something new, Brooklyn is very close to walking on her own and Jaxon is already trying to run!”

“They have been dubbed the “happy twins” since they smile so much and rarely get upset. They get really excited to see each other when they’ve been apart and are already having their own conversations.”

“We’ll see how toddler life goes! In case it’s not said often enough or loud enough. THANK YOU! For the the support and guidance through this process. Our lives are forever changed and it’s a blessing beyond words to have crossed paths and be used in this way.” ~ Brian & Jeanette

Another family as first time parents!

Melissa and Daniel’s
First Born Son – Mateo!

This is a very special little guy. He weighed in at 9 pounds 2 oz. He was born on August 3rd and is bringing nothing but joy to his parents! First born children are a game changer. From years of pain and infertility comes new joy and purpose.
Congratulations to
Melissa and Daniel!

SAVE THE DATE – November 9th 2019

Honoring a Legacy
Dr. James Dobson
The Legacy Institute
Annual Gala- Bellevue, WA
November 9, 2019

More about Carrie Abbott and The Legacy Institute Here

The Legacy Institute and Carrie Abbott are going to be honoring Dr. Dobson, and a lifetime of his Christian ministry. By coincidence it, is also the 11 th Anniversary of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. We are going to reserve tables, and if you want to be with us at the this event, just let us know. We would love to share these moments with you!

Details Here

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