Lolo Grace: Our most recent embryo adoption miracle girl! Born August 2nd 2023

Lolo Grace: Our most recent embryo adoption miracle girl! Born August 2nd 2023

Lolo Grace: Our most recent
embryo adoption miracle girl! Born August 2nd 2023

“Our sweetest baby girl Lolo Grace arrived this week, she’s happy and healthy and we are just in awe of this miracle!! I have no words, just so much gratitude and thanks for this amazing gift. She is already being absolutely covered in love by all 3 of us!”

~Kendra, Robb and big sister Scout

Congratulations to Kendra and Robb!

“Kendra and Robb are a loving family that suffered infertility like many others. Through embryo adoption they were able to a daughter, Scout. We re-matched them with more embryos from another family and now Lolo Grace has joined them! So much joy.

We remember the day my daughter was born. After years of trying it was so life changing to finally hold my daughter. The birth of Lolo Grace is another reason to keep working to match families so this blessing and miracle can occur.”

~Maria Lancaster
Co-Founder CEO
Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park

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Just born August 23rd 2023
Kenzo broke the girl streak, it’s a Boy!

First born boy to Kita and Gisel!

“He is here! Kenzo was born August 10th! Mommy and baby are doing well and settled at home!”
~Gisel and Kita

Kenzo is now little brother to Giana who was born in the summer of 2021! We are always very happy and excited for siblings from the same set of embryos to be born in an family! Siblings for life!

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Update on baby girl Willa!

Proud Parent Update!

“Willa is 3 months old, we feel like time has flown by and she has already grown so much. She had two cousins born in the last couple months too, so she already has lots of friends. Willa is such a happy baby and loves to smile, especially when her dad is singing silly songs to her. We’ve already been on a few family adventures, like going to the lake and camping. We love that she is a part of our family!”

Blessings, Kaleb, Lori, & Willa

Kaleb, the proud happy Dad that waited for his girl! At last.

Lori, the smile of a a first time mother. Willa looks like she’s enjoying life, too. Congratulations to you all.

A Milestone for Emmett and his parents!

Emmett’s Dedication Day

“Emmett is growing and developing so quickly. He started to roll over a few months ago, and now rolls all over the house. He’s also started to babble so much! It’s one of the best and cutest things ever! One of his favorite things to do is blow raspberries.

We’ve been taking him on some fun outings lately. We went camping for the first time, and he loved exploring the woods and playing in the lake. He also loved checking out daddy’s fish that he caught!

On Mother’s Day, we dedicated him to the Lord. It was a beautiful ceremony, and we are so grateful to have him in our lives.

We’re so excited to see what the next few months bring for our little boy. We’ll be sure to keep you updated!”
Ryan, Heather, and Emmett

Mariposa Has Her One Year Milestone.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl.

“Thirteen months ago, our little butterfly, Mariposa, was born. Frozen embryo adoption and Cedar Park were brought to our attention after we had suffered two ectopic pregnancies (resulting in both fallopian tubes being removed) and a failed IVF transfer that left us with no viable fertilized eggs. We desired to be parents but had these obstacles and really lacked the time and money for traditional adoption.

As a mixed-race couple, we wanted to adopt an embryo that in our minds might have looked like how our genetic children might have looked. In truth, we love our daughter so much and don’t even think about that anymore.”

“We have one more frozen embryo, and our prayer is that we would have another successful frozen embryo transfer and Lord willing by the end of next year our daughter will have a sibling! Frozen embryo adoption is a wonderful gift for those with infertility issues and honestly for even those who are not struggling. It’s the only way these snowflake babies have a chance to come into the world. We are so thankful and blessed to Mariposa’s parents.”
H and HH
Happy and Hope filled parents!

How to Donate Embryos

How to Adopt Embryos

First Born Daughter, Elizabeth
Enjoying her first summer!

Elizabeth has been growing like crazy and keeping us very busy! Even though she was born prematurely, at her 9 month check-up she was in the 71st percentile for weight- this girl loves to eat. And as of this morning, she’s tried 100 different foods, with butternut squash, fish and cucumbers being some of her favorites. Elizabeth (we also call her Betsey) is incredibly inquisitive and loves to explore which is even more exciting since she’s almost walking. Everyone compliments either her head full of hair, her button nose, her amazing cheeks or all of her teeth and her happiest place is riding on her Dada’s shoulders- she giggles and giggles! We have taken her to the beach and hiking quite a bit and have flown with her to Sacramento and Denver… let’s just say she’s done way better hiking than flying 🙂 Betsey and our dog Zion have a special bond and it’ll be fun to see her grow bigger than him soon! I am blessed to get to stay home with her every day and watch her learn and grow- she’s an amazing little person!
-Stacy (and Daniel and Betsey)

Medical Moment for August 2023
We had more comments about this topic than any other
Medical Moment to date. Back by request, and a new journal article.

MTHFR, Hashimoto’s and Nutrients

Medically reviewed and written by Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

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