Makayla Grace: A sweet little Valentine.

Amy and Makayla Grace - Newborn

Makayla Grace: A sweet little Valentine.

We have a sweet little Valentine born to Amy and Mike!

Welcoming Makayla Grace today to her new life.

Born February 2nd, 9 # 4 oz. Wow! A big girl. : )

Michael, Amy & Makayla

“We are so excited to announce the arrival of Mikayla Grace. She came into the world February 2nd, at 10:08 am weighing in at 9lbs. 4oz. and 20″ long. She’s absolute perfection!”

-Mike and Amy proud parents

Amy and Makayla Grace

Amy and Makayla Grace

Amy and Makayla Grace - Newborn

What a special and sweet picture, mother and child.

Love birds 2017

Daddy’s Turn

Newborn Makayla Grace with daddy

Bonding, in love forever… How great is our God to give us such love!

Sweet Makayla Grace

Welcome to the world, sweet Makayla Grace. You are loved!

Makayla photo

First picture of millions. This one will always be the best one. Congratulations Mike and Amy. We are all so thrilled and happy for your new little Norwegian miracle!

Love birds 2017

“Souls on Ice”

A great read to learn about embryo adoption. It’s inspirational, too. The first person to reply, gets a free copy. : )

We are proud of this book. It offers a lot of insight into “how it works” through the stories of everyday people.

Link to purchase through Amazon

Souls on Ice

We are… In The NEWS!

Maria Lancaster, President/C0-founder contributed to this article.

Here is the link: Deseret News: Is embryo adoption the answer for remaining embryos?

We think the answer in YES!

Unused frozen embryos

Dr. James Dobson (Focus of Family and now Family Talk) He has been a champion for embryo adoption for many years. Listen to his interviews by searching the Dobson Library!

Dobson Library (search for embryo)

Dr. Dobson, Family Talk

Dr Dobson

“Thank you, Dr. Dobson! If it were not for Dr.Dobson, Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park would never have come about. We heard him on the radio, and we learned that was our path to parenthood! Our daughter Elisha is now 13, and the joy of our lives.”

-Maria Lancaster

Maria and Elisha and Cyndi

Recent pic of Maria and Elisha Lancaster with Dr. Cyndi Romime, Elisha’s God-Mother.