Miracle boy born after thirteen years in the freezer-adopted as a frozen embryo

Miracle boy born after thirteen years in the freezer

Miracle boy born after thirteen years in the freezer-adopted as a frozen embryo

Baby Boy Born After Thirteen Years in the Freezer!

A record breaker for the mid-west of the US

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess the greatness of the miracles of God…. they will realize what amazing things He does.”

Psalm 64:9

Congratulations Mom and Dad! We are so thrilled for you!  

We have some incredible news this month! A very special miracle boy was born ten days ago in Illinois. You see, this special one spent thirteen years in the freezer! The family that donated the embryos read an article in a magazine over a year ago about our embryo adoption ministry. This family had twin girls, and then sadly the mother died of cancer when the twins were six. This father is now raising the girls by himself. His pastor encouraged him to call us, and he did. Then, in another part of the country, a lovely couple contacted us that were interested in embryo adoption. These two special families were such a wonderful and complimentary match. When we told them about each other, both immediately confirmed, “This is our family match!”We then flew the embryos Fedex 1800 miles to the doctor’s office of the adopting family. Embryos were transferred to the waiting mom, and two weeks later we were thrilled to hear,

 “We’re pregnant!” 

Here is a photo of the Miracle Boy and his family.

Look what the Lord has done!

10 days old

The “BIG BOY” about 10 days old!

What a plan He must have for this special little man.

“I knew you before you were yet formed in your mother’s womb.” Psalms 139:13

Just born and handsome already

“Just born, and handsome already!”

Again, our very best congratulations to our new Mom and Dad. May you and your household be blessed!

Maria D. Lancaster
Executive Director
206-391-5042 direct

Jeff and Maria with Elisha

Jeff and Maria Lancaster with Elisha, adopted as a frozen embryo in 2003.