Myrthe Hope Born…

Myrthe Hope with Mom Else

Myrthe Hope Born…


Congratulations are in order for David and Else of The Netherlands! Their second born child arrived healthy and beautiful on August 17, 2017. Her older sister Amy was born September 14, 2014. No doubt they will cherish a life time of precious memories together with their parents. Else traveled to Seattle, Washington, to Seattle Reproductive Medicine to have their embryo transferred. Amy and Myrthe are full genetic siblings.

Myrthe Hope Born August 17, 2017

It is always wonderful when siblings can be born into the same adopting family. There is nothing like having a sibling, as a life friend. So many wonderful life experiences to share, in a lifetime. When adopting embryos families receive all of the embryos from the placing family so this can happen.

Becoming a Father Again!

Becoming a Father Again!

I know David and Else personally and we know how much this photo, and moment means to him. We wish you many more joyous memories in the days and years to come, David. You are blessed and this is just the start of a wonderful life together.

This is Miss Amy - Big Sister

This is Miss Amy – Big Sister

So now this family of 3, becomes 4, through the miracle of embryo adoption. We are thinking of, and are thankful for, the donating family that made all of this possible for David and Else. What a difference a couple of miracles make.

Hope sleeping


A Baby Changes Everything!

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess
the greatness of the miracle of God….
They will realize what amazing things He does.”

Psalm 64:9


Congratulations to Amber & Chris!

Anika Rose born May 7th 2017

Anika Rose

Anika Rose is a first born daughter to Chris & Amber

“Anika is an angel. When I ask my husband what we did before she was here, he says, ‘cry a lot’. She is just over 3 months old now. She laughs and “talks” and is reaching for things. Anika’s grandparents are all crazy about her too. Even our dog just loves her! Thank you, for helping us to be able to have her. A special thanks to Seattle Reproductive Medicine. ”

Amber and Chris

BRANDON PAUL is growing up!

Brandon Paul

Update on Brandon Paul

He was born May 23, 2017. Irina & Vladimir continue to have fun with this little guy. He is also a first born son, to this wonderful family! We thought you would like to see how he is growing and bringing so much joy to all.

Newborn Feet Heart

We have some exciting news to share with you!

The Miracle Embryo Foundation

We have recently been approved by the IRS as a charity and we are now able to receive tax deductible donations that fund some great things we do here at Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. This will enable us to build new web sites, provide educational training and materials, and subsidize no or low fee re-matching. We will more news coming soon about how you can help us, help families.

We look forward to hearing from you! We are available to answer your questions. Embryo adoption is a wonderful journey, out of infertility. Our daughter, Elisha, was adopted as an embryo. She is going to be 14 in just a few days. We want to assist you, in any way we can.

You can contact us on the “request Info” below, or call us at 1-888-959-7712

Maria Lancaster
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