New! Online Application

Hands and Newborn Feet

New! Online Application

Interested in adopting? NEW! Paperless Application!

We know you are busy, and we wanted to make the process of applying easier for you! We are happy to say we have an abundance of embryos right now for matching, and we could have a match for you.

Our own daughter, Elisha is going to be 15. She was also adopted as an embryo. We know that your journey is not easy, so we are trying to make things as helpful as possible to apply. Here is the link: Apply

We look forward to getting your application and getting started helping you have a baby. We care about you, and your next steps to become parents.

Maria Lancaster
Co-founder EASCP

Souls on Ice

True Miracle Stories of Embryo Adoption

“This story was wonderfully written and so encouraging. My husband and I are in the process of adopting embryos so this was a perfect read for both of us. My husband doesn’t enjoy reading, but he read this quickly. After reading, we discussed the feelings that I was having through infertility as did the author. It was so great to hear her story and associate it to our journey. Excellent read for anyone and people deciding on Embryo Adoption. It’s something my husband and I wished we’d known about sooner. My thanks and prayers to the author!”

Foreword by:
Mike Huckabee