Open Adoption With Embryo Adoption Can Work!

Joe and Dina Family

Open Adoption With Embryo Adoption Can Work!

Read about this success story as told by Joe and Dina.

“Becoming parents has undoubtedly been the greatest blessing of our lives. In 2011, we were over the moon when our first son, Luke, was born. He is smart, energetic and loving. We always wanted to have another child as well as give Luke a sibling. After struggling through fertility treatments for over a year our doctor told us about Maria and Cedar Park. As we talked to Maria and learned more about the process, it seemed like a perfect fit. In May of 2015, we were blessed with our son James through the miracle of embryo adoption. He is perfection, a gift from God. He is so sweet, always happy and loves to cuddle. It has been such a joy to watch both of our boys grow into their roles as big and little brother. Luke and James adore each other.”

-Dina S. Mom

Sweet Baby James

Big brother Luke, Dad Joe, Mom Dina and Sweet Baby James! : )

“Maria was very helpful and supportive to us through her words and prayers during our journey. We very much appreciated all the love and care she puts into matching families. She has helped foster a great relationship for us with our donor family. They are wonderful people. Over the time since James was born and during the pregnancy, we have communicated regularly with them through email and face time.”


Joe and Dina

We are so happy for your beautiful family! Congratulations Joe and Dina.

“It has been fun to watch all of our kids grow up and start a foundation for a lifetime relationship for both of our families. Our donor family feels like an extension of our family and they will forever hold a very special place in our hearts. They gave us the amazing opportunity to share our love with our son James and complete our family.”

-Dina S.

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess the greatness of the miracle of God…. They will realize what amazing things He does.” Psalm 64:9

More About Open Adoption. How does it work?

By Maria Lancaster
Open adoption can be a wonderful experience. In general, it works the best if nurtured over time. We work with families so they can have healthy relationships with each other so that it is a mutually beneficial experience, for them and for the children that are born in both families. We have a social worker and counseling is always available when considering the kind of contact families want to have with each other. We think it is one of life’s greatest gifts, to be able to know your genetic siblings. Life is long, and richer and deeper, being able to connect with sibling at some point. We do all we can to help families achieve this if is is possible.


Please call us with any questions or concern you may have.

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President Co-Founder
Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park
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Souls on Ice

“I heartily endorse this book, with it’s heartwarming and very real collection of personal experiences with embryo adoption. I am a physician researcher, and lecturer. I have spent much of the last seven years advocating, explaining, researching and publishing on the subject of embryo adoption. Yet, I can tell you that no scientific information nor facts nor figures can substitute for real human experiences – that those who have had them are willing to share publicly. Maria Lancaster is both a colleague and personal friend. I have advocated for Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park in many different settings, explaining that Cedar Park is the nation’s only church-based embryo adoption endeavor. Open this book, and read about real-life experiences. You will have a new perspective on the beginning of human life.”

Reginald Finger, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor School of Health Sciences
Indiana Westlyan University

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