Our first “Noelle”, a baby embryo girl born to Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park

Welcome Hannah Noelle

Our first “Noelle”, a baby embryo girl born to Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park

A Christmas baby girl is born! Hannah Noelle

Happy Birthday Hannah Noelle

Congratulations to Kristina and Sam!
December 17th at 8:56 AM
7 # 12 oz.  20″ long
Hannah Noelle

Happy Birthday Hannah Noelle!

Christmas babies are an extra special blessing. As we all look forward to the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the parents await the birth of their own baby! The birth of Jesus was the miraculous birth of our Savior. Every child born as the result of embryo adoption is yet another sign, that God is still in the miracle birth business. Miracles are not just for “back then”, miracles are all around us, happening every day. God is with us, He is for us, and He is the force behind all creation, and every embryo. The first manifestation Jesus had in the flesh when He came into this world, was in the form of an embryo.

The perfect seed, that would overcome the world, and bring faith, hope and love into a lost and dying world. Today we rejoice in the birth of this special Christmas baby girl, and we are thankful she is now safe in her mother’s arms.

Hannah Noelle

We are grateful today for His blessings and nine born beautiful babies so far, with lots more on the way!

Born to date: We have Julian, Haly Marie, Campbell, Madigan, Cooper Nicklaus, Esther Hope, Jordan James, William Douglas, and now  Hannah Noelle

Look What the Lord Has Done!