Ripken Has Arrived

Ripken Has Arrived

Baby Boy Ripken – born August 23

Named for endurance and longevity, our path was worth it and he is such a good baby!!!!

“Baby Ripken! He has been more than we could have hoped for in so many ways! He’s a happy and healthy (and big!) baby boy! 8 lbs, 8 oz. We are settling in and loving our first days with him! A pure blessing from God Himself. He’s an angel and everything to us and our family!!”

-Lacey and Brandon

Lacey and Brandon adopted but a single embryo. They trusted that this was their path to parenthood, and their dreams have come true. Sometimes God just give you the courage to do things that seem impossible because he knows the end of the story, and how it will all turn out.
Congratulations to Lacey and Brandon! Enjoy the rest of your lives together. You are a miracle family and this is just the beginning!

Sweet dreams, Ripken!

We know that you are loved.

Jumping in to Embryo Adoption
by Katie Lippa

Read about one of our families, and about their journey to become first time parents!

“Sometimes we’re asked to step out of our comfort zone for a time. Maybe it’s a hard conversation or trying a new hobby. And sometimes we’re asked to literally jump out of that comfort zone skydiving style, and never look back. Free falling, having no idea where it’s taking you, and the only comfort is knowing you have a parachute called faith that will help ease the fall. Having that parachute doesn’t mean it’s not the scariest thing you’ve ever done. Because it is. And quite frankly, hitting the ground still might hurt like hell. But you do it because staying in that plane for the rest of your life isn’t an option. So, you jump. That’s how my entry into motherhood felt like as we walked the road of embryo adoption.”

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