Ruth Autumn is here! Congratulations Sam and Kristina!

Ruth Autumn

Ruth Autumn is here! Congratulations Sam and Kristina!

We are so pleased to be able to share the news about another embryo adoption miracle baby. Every baby is the result of a special match between two families. Every match is unique, and with the interests of the born children in mind!

Fall is here and Ruth Autumn has arrived!
Born September 15th weighing in at 6# 12 oz.
Congratulations, to Sam and Kristina of Florida.
(Yes, they are ok!)

“We are so happy to announce the birth of Ruth Autumn. Autumn has a big sister too, Hannah Noelle, also adopted from the same set of embryos. We think this is the best ever for siblings to be together and born in the same family.”

Kristina – adopting mother

Hannah Noelle holding Ruth Autumn

Hannah Noelle holding Ruth Autumn – full siblings

“We are so pleased to introduce Ruth Autumn, the second born baby to us through embryo adoption. She is a genetic sibling to our eldest daughter, Hannah. She made her way into the world on September 15th, 2016 weighing in at 6# 12 oz, just like Hannah did almost 5 years ago. Our girls absolutely love having another sister in the home! Little Ruth is an easy going baby and it’s making our transition to being a family of 5 as smooth as possible. What an absolute blessing!”


The whole family

The whole family! Sam, Kristina, Hannah, Eloria*, and Ruth Autumn.
* Eloria, Sam and Kristina’s middle daughter was a surprise miracle girl naturally conceived!

“Hannah is going to AWANA Club this year, and has been memorizing bible verses. Her verse for the week that Ruth was born was from Psalm 139, where is says, “I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. We could not have asked for a more beautiful and timely reminder of God’s hand in our lives, and especially the lives of the children he has entrusted to our care.”


Ruth Autumn

Happy Birthday to sweet Ruth Autumn : )

Welcome to the world, Ruth Autumn. How loved you are!

Finding the beauty of God through the barren soul…

and why God took so long to give me a baby.
A blog by Rebekah


**We wanted to share this story with you. We know the road of infertility is a sometimes very long and very painful journey. We understand it, and we get it. It’s real suffering. We hope you find some comfort in this perspective. I did not author this, we are merely sharing it. Maria Lancaster, President/Co-Founder EASCP

I was painting in the garage, and she was drawing a rainbow on the cement floor with chalk when she said, “I’m glad God gave you to me as my Mommy.” I wasn’t ready for it. “What?” I asked, making sure I heard her right. She tried to say it again, but her words came out a little more awkward this time, and she said something like, “I’m happy you’re my mommy from God.” Tears filled my eyes…

Read the full story

He was making me

A note from Maria Lancaster, Co-founder/President

Regarding infant loss, miscarriage, infertility and failed transfers.

Every day, I talk with men and women that have lost children. My husband and I have lost 5 children through miscarriage, including a set of twins. Our embryo adopted daughter Elisha, was our first live born child. I was almost 48 when I gave birth to Elisha. Over time, the soul has healed in many ways. Infant loss, and miscarriage, are a terrible pain and, and often, silent suffering. Sometimes as a culture we do not do very well, with what to say to someone that has experiences loss, or how to grieve ourselves. Embryo adoption, and transfers that do not result in a pregnancy, is another form of this kind of loss, and we recognize, it is also extremely
difficult. We want to share some resources that may be helpful.

October is National Infant Loss Awareness Month. I wanted to share this link that has numerous resources on multiple topics – especially coping with grief. There are so many wonderful suggestions, we wanted to share this with you!

We know the road of infertility, grief and loss can be debilitating. We hope that some of the resources will be of help to you.

-Maria Lancaster


Looking for a good read?

We are proud of this book. It offers a lot on insight into “how it works” through the stories of everyday people. Pick up a copy.

Souls on Ice


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