Ruth turns 1 after 19 years frozen!

Ruthies Family

Ruth turns 1 after 19 years frozen!

Happy 1st Birthday

We wanted to share this special announcement with you……

Baby Ruth – Conceived 20 years ago, now a thriving 1 year old! How is it possible? Embryo Adoption!

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“The sounds of Ruthie’s chattering and squealing fill our home. Soon the excited voices and giggles of our other two children, Audrey (soon to be 10), and Noah (6), join in the mix. It melts my heart to watch each one of them finding such joy and delight in the other. Watching them, and hearing the excitement of their play fill my home makes every effort and all of the wondering and waiting along the way absolutely worth every moment. God has truly blessed us beyond measure. His plans were different from ours (all three of our children were adopted as frozen embryos) and for that, I am eternally grateful.”



Ruthie’s big day.

Happy Birthday Ruth! What a miracle you are! She spent the first 19 years in a glass tube. Wow.

“It’s difficult to believe that we just celebrated Ruthie’s 1 st birthday! She has been constantly growing and changing. It’s a miracle just to watch a child develop! Truly, just like the tiny mustard seed that is easily hidden from sight (the Jerusalem mustard seed is much, much smaller than the mustard seed in our own cupboards), who but God alone can design and power the mysterious manner in which life unfolds from the hidden to the grown?”


Ruthie 1 going on 20

“It’s great to be ONE, well, 20!”

“It’s interesting to see how each child is so unique in their personalities and interests, and that this begins so early! Ruth is very outgoing. She is always on the go. Ruthie loves to climb. She is quite the talker, and can already say many words. She’s very inquisitive and her favorite words are “This?” and “That?” pointing out and asking about everything she sees.”




“One of the more interesting discoveries for me was that Ruthie loves music and loves to dance. It was especially interesting for me to notice because I hadn’t really done that with her – she had initiated interest in movement and rhythm on her own. It will be interesting to see how this continues as she grows.”


Newborn Ruth Marie

Ruth, one year ago!

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Ruthies Family

Ruth’s family… all adopted as frozen embryos.

Ruthie with Siblings

Infertility was devastating, but God had a plan!

Ruthie on the porch

There is nothing more wonderful than siblings.

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Congratulations Andrea and Chris! What a beautiful family.

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