Summer Babies!

Jake and Alyssa

Summer Babies!

This is a very special family and we want you to hear about their three little miracles!

Jake and Alyssa… Before the TRIPLET GIRLS were born! Only two embryos were transferred but one of them twined.

Happy Birthday, Girls!

Our perfect, sweet, beautiful baby girls were born at 10:03, 10:04 & 10:05. Ainsley Ames- 4#10oz, Evangeline Lin- 4#13oz and Claire Hannah- 5#. God has blessed us with healthy, good sized babies they likely get to go home with mommy and daddy in a couple days. We are so proud and so in love with them.

-Jake and Alyssa

Happy Birthday Triplets

Making just a little joyful noise!

Happy Birthday Triplets

Having a little quiet time…. For a minute!

Making a joyful noise

These girls are surrounded by a large loving family and they are off to such a great start.

A little quiet time

We are PROUD OF YOU Alyssa, Jake and sweet baby girls! Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you.



Here comes Scottie

June 22, 2014 ended a ten year journey when, our son, Scott James arrived into this world making all the pains of infertility go away. Over the last ten years we have faced miscarriages and heart aches. We were told we would never be parents, one resident “fertility” doctor actually stated “Karen was too old.” Luckily we found a good fertility doctor that gave us other options one being embryo adoption. That led us to Maria, with her and our fertility doctor we found hope again, something we did not have for a long time.

A year and a half later, on June 22, 2014 at 9:59 pm, our son Scott James was born; it was the happiest day of our life. We are so proud to be his parents, he is our gift from God and it is one we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

-Karen and Scott

Scott James

Sweet Dreams… You are going to have an amazing life, Scottie!

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Maria D. Lancaster, Co-Founder & President

Lancaster Family

The Lancaster family. Jeff, Maria and Elisha. Elisha was the first child born in Washington adopted as a frozen embryo in 2002.