Summer Family Reunion

Joanne and David meet Hannah

Summer Family Reunion

Joanne and David meet baby Hannah!

We had a very special day picnicing with our families. One special introduction was our donor family meeting the embryo-now-baby, Hannah. Nat & Karissa are the adopting parents pictured here with their daughter Lexi. What a beautiful gift to be able to be together and celebrate the Gift of Life with each other. It was a beautiful day, and a wonderful start to a great life for Hannah Janet!

“What a gorgeous day in the sun & water… and what a wonderful experience of connecting with our ‘birds of a feather’ of loving, appreciative parents & excited kids just being their normal, gregarious, shy, hungry, magical, curious, playful selves!!!  I can’t wait to do it again!”  David (gifting family)

Karissa and Joanne

Karissa (adopting mother) and Joanne (gifting family)

Hannah - 3 months old

Hannah – 3 months old- Mom Karissa says she is having tons of fun being a new mom with her little angel.

Linda with Jordan James

This is Linda with Jordan James. Daddy Mark was with us too, just not in the pic! Jordan will be one this October. He is a miracle in every way possible.

More Picnickers….

Stacey and Tom with Haley

Stacey & Tom with Haley

Haley will be two in October. She is growing up loved and adored by her wonderful parents. She was having more fun than you can tell in this pic, princesses can be a little camera shy at this age!

Witherspoon Council

What Can We Learn from the Stem Cell Debates?

A report from The Witherspoon Council, a newly-formed bioethics body, argues that even the noblest aspirations of the scientific enterprise must be guided by ethics and governed under political authority.

The stem cell debates of the past decade and a half were among the most heated controversies about science and politics in recent memory, raising important questions about how to promote and fund scientific research while protecting human life at all its stages. The Stem Cell Debates: Lessons for Science and Politics a major report published earlier this year by the Witherspoon Council on Ethics and the Integrity of Science, revisits those debates, articulating lessons about how moral reasoning must shape public deliberation about science. (The Witherspoon Council is a project of the Witherspoon Institute, which publishes Public Discourse, and the Council’s report was published in The New Atlantis, the quarterly journal where I work as assistant editor.)


We are pleased to announce the addition of our new team member, Michelle Kenefick!


Michelle is a licensed social worker, with 20 years’ experience. She lives in Connecticut, and will be serving our families in the Eastern part of the country. Michelle and her husband, are also pursuing an embryo adoption themselves, which makes her uniquely qualified to understand the heartbreak of infertility issues, and also the journey with pursuing an embryo adoption.

She will be preparing home studies and evaluations for our families pursuing embryo adoption. We also have a social worker that services the Western part of the U.S. Heather Basse also has 20 years in the social work field. We are blessed to have them both, as we assist families in their journey with embryo adoption. Our fees for this service in very modest, and we strive to make the process move along as quickly as possible.


Meet my new admin!

Elisha Lancaster - Organizing mom

This is our daughter, Elisha Lancaster, newly hired to “organize mom”. She is 8, going on 28, and pretty much keeps me lined out. She is a natural at planning, and “calls meetings” when she wants to talk about something. Many of you know she was adopted as a frozen embryo, too. Without her, EASCP would have never come to pass.

She told me she wants to help me “do embryo adoption” when she grows up. She already is helping me, just by being a wonderful daughter and companion. She is the “talking list” at the grocery store, because she has the list all memorized. She is a natural, and now has her own desk, and a Mac.  She is our inspiration–there are more like her needing families, everywhere in the country. Elisha is an “A” student at Cedar Park Christian School, in Bellevue, WA

Cedar Park Christian Christian Schools

~Maria Lancaster

EASCP Director, and Mom

Every good and perfect gift is from above.... James 1:17

Every good and perfect gift is from above…. James 1:17