Teaming Up with the Legacy Institute

Teaming Up with the Legacy Institute

Teaming Up with the Legacy Institute,

Carrie Abbott and her radio program
Relationship Insights.

Yesterday we were on Carrie Abbott’s radio program Relationship Insights

Elisha Lancaster, our daughter who was adopted as an embryo, at 2 cells, was in studio with me to talk about embryo adoption, and what it’s like to be adopted as an embryo! Elisha is going to be 16 next month. She did a great job on air!

Listen in Here

Maria Lancaster Co-founder EASCP

SAVE THE DATE – November 9th 2019

Dr. James Dobson here with Elisha Lancaster

In 2001, my husband Jeff heard a radio interview that changed our lives forever. It was this interview about embryo adoption that was the miracle. Once we heard about embryo adoption, we knew this was our path, and after our daughter Elisha was born, we had an opportunity to meet Dr. Dobson when Elisha was about 5. We were thrilled to thank him in person for her life, and how it changed ours, forever.

~Maria Lancaster

More about Dr. Dobson Here

Honoring a Legacy
Dr. James Dobson
The Legacy Institute
Annual Gala- Bellevue, WA
November 9, 2019

More about Carrie Abbott and The Legacy Institute Here

The Legacy Institute and Carrie Abbott are going to be honoring Dr. Dobson, and a lifetime of his Christian ministry. By coincidence it, is also the 11 th Anniversary of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. We are going to reserve tables, and if you want to be with us at the this event, just let us know. We would love to share these moments with you!

Details Here

4 children born from a group of 5 embryos!

Sam and Kristina of Florida tell us about it.

Kristina shares the story:

“This is our Family’s third time being in this newsletter. In 2011, we were blessed to be matched with a family who had 5 embryos to donate, three were frozen singly and two were together. They shipped across the country, and in December of that year, our first daughter Hannah was born from a single embryo transfer. In 2016, Hannah’s genetic sister Ruth was born, and we still had the double embryo straw left.”

More of the story:

“We are so excited to announce that both of those babies survived transfer and were born to our family at the beginning of June of this year! Our hearts and our arms are both so full and we are so grateful to our donating family for making us parents and siblings 4 times over.” ~Kristina and Sam, proud parents in Florida

Read the REST of the story Here : )

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