The Birth of Joanna Jean

The Birth of Joanna Jean

Joanna Jean born Wednesday 8.29.2018

Just in time for Labor Day News!

” Joanna Jean Legas was born last night at 11:14pm. 6 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches. We are all doing well and so in love with this precious gift.”

Josh, Emily, and Joanna

Joanna Jean’s Day One


The beginning of a wonderful life! Joanna Jean’s miracle entrance to us, all through the gift of of embryo donation and adoption gives us all hope for the future. A baby changes everything for good, for a loving couple.


Fatherhood is one of God’s gifts to us.
Congratulations Josh! We know you love her already, more than you ever dreamed. Enjoy every minute Josh, time will fly and you will be at her graduation before you know it!

Believe in your Dreams!

“Our dream of having a child came true on June 22, 2014 the day Scottie was born. Scottie is a little boy who loves to swim, play, and explore his world. He loves his family, gives the biggest hugs, and charms everyone with his dark brown eyes. He has brought such joy to our, with his big heart and concern for others. Struggling for over ten years with infertility made the wait worthwhile. We were meant to be his parents.”

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Karen and Scott’s First Born

“Being a parent, you never know if you are getting it right, but sometimes they let you know. One day when we were leaving a restaurant, the clerk asked if he would like a sucker. He answered “yes please”. The clerk handed him the sucker and he said “Thank you”. The clerk was amazed and his politeness. We could not have been prouder.”

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Embryo Adoption:
The chance for a miracle baby.

“Life is crazy busy now, but much better than the calmer life of emptiness. Being a parent is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Watching his success and development in preschool, playing with others, his charming outgoing personality, and exploring new places with him has made our lives filled with love. Our life is complete with Scottie.”

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Katie and Aaron’s embryo adoption journey

Katie embryo maternity pic

Katie and Aaron – Boy time!

“Things are going wonderful! We are at 34 weeks today and the doctor said he is growing great and his heart sounds perfect! Katie and Aaron

This is always great news to the new parents to be, and we could not be happier for anyone. Katie and Aaron were challenged by a hurricane Harvey when it came to moving their embryos, and a lot ot waiting and other hurdles came their way to make this baby a treasured Gift of God, “After the storm”. God saw them through it all, and now for the miracle to arrive next month!

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