The TWINS have arrived – Welcome Brooklyn and Jaxon

The TWINS have arrived – Welcome Brooklyn and Jaxon

We have been waiting for these babies: Now Pure Joy!

Big News for Bryan and Jeanette!

“On 7/24, we welcomed Brooklyn Elliott (4.7lbs) and Jaxon Rhys (6. 4lbs) into the world after 36 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy. Both babies and mom are doing great!”
~Jeanette and Bryan

A Boy and a Girl!

“They have been both a blessing and a blast over the past week. Their grandparents and extended family has really made this a week of celebration as we share pictures and stories daily. We’re now settling in at home and getting to spend some quality time with our beautiful additions. We praise God at every turn for his provision and grace in this process!”
~Jeanette and Bryan

This is the first of a million pictures these two will take together over a lifetime. Siblings are meaningful, forever. These two are going to be fun to follow. Brooklyn and Jaxon you are loved and are making your parents elated right now.

This is Jeanette and Bryan before the big day. We can see the happiness and excitement about to happen here! God is good, and we are so thankful for all the ways he worked to have this couple before first time parents!

Summer fun with one of our adopting families !

Yesterday we had a wonderful visit from one of our adopting families that live in California. They brought their son Vaughn, and daughter Kora, who was adopted as an embryo through our agency. Hans and Lara are wonderful parents, and Vaughn is an able big brother with an exciting role of keeping up with Kora. I nicknamed her the “fireball” and she is a go-getter! Vaughn dotes on her, and we all had a nice day together! Kora was into collecting the chicken eggs from the coop. We had lots of fun.

Thank you for coming Lara, Hans, Vaughn and Kora.

This is Vaughn, our daughter Elisha, and Kora. We swam in this pool when I was pregnant with Elisha, now she is almost 15, and swimming with Kora. How things have evolved to see this all come to pass was a very touching moment for us. Elisha was the first child adopted as an embryo in the State of Washington, and the 35th born in the nation. Kora is following right along.
~ Maria Lancaster

Kora and Hans spent a little time getting to know Hattie, the horse. She’s a sweet one, and enjoyed the pats from a very excited little girl. Embryo adoption is a wonderful way to have a baby, and we so enjoyed seeing one of our adopting families in person, and share their joy.

Single Embryo Transfers – How it works:

Recently studies have shown that single embryo transfer results are about the same success singleton pregnancy rates as transferring two embryos. Transferring two, does increase the odds of twins substantially however, which is not desired due to risks of complications to a “multiple” pregnancy, especially for “mature” women. We thought this was a very interesting statistic, and so we are sharing some links for you so that you can read and understand more about “how it works” regarding embryo transfers.

ASRM guidelines on Single Embryo Transfers

CDC Recommendations for SET

Fertility Clinic STATS on SET