Today November 8th is our 14th Anniversary!

Today November 8th is our 14th Anniversary!

Today November 8th is our 14th Anniversary!
200 babies – Here is our newest one!

Welcoming Willow Nicole

“Willow Nicole born 10/24/2022 at 10:17 am, 6 lbs. 6 oz. 19.5 inches long. A strong name for a strong little girl. Willow means one who is hope for and desired.

This could not be more true for her parents Brent and Samantha. Willow has been hoped and prayed for, for a long time. She is the perfect addition to our family.”

~Samantha and Brent

Find out how they did it!

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Medical Moment for November 2022

PCOS – One Woman’s Journey to help herself now is help to thousands!

What PCOS Oracle is All About
At PCOS Oracle we know and understand a PCOS diagnosis can feel as though your life has been flipped upside down. We also know how confusing and overwhelming it can be searching for the answers to your questions.
PCOS Oracle is a health and wellness website focused on providing women with PCOS the inspiration and knowledge they need to heal their PCOS and hormones naturally. You no longer have to feel lost or alone. We are here to help and support you on your healing journey.

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All About Embryo Donation:

Embryo Donation
How it works!

All of our adopting families complete a Home Study Evaluation including an interview with one of our social workers.

All of our adopting moms have a approval to do an embryo transfer from a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

We match families based on similar race, religion, similar physical characteristics, kind of mutual level of openness desired, and other mutual similarities.

Donor families are able to select the adopting family first, then the adopting family approves the donor family. Learn more here:

Fundraising for your embryo adoption!

Raise $ For Your Embryo Adoption : )

We wanted to point out that through our Miracle Embryo Foundation you, your family or friends can make a donation to this foundation and all of the proceeds can apply towards your adoption fees. This is a tax-deductible donation. All that needs to be done is note your name on the donation!

You can forward this email to your loved ones and ask them to help you build your family.

If you have any questions email me:

Make a tax deductible donation

Checks can also be mailed to:
The Miracle Embryo Foundation
Att: Maria Lancaster
Box 1248, Nampa, ID 83653

The Bridge Project – Connecting Families

Making connections
with your family!

We are helping families to connect with each other through this project. Both adopting and donating families have been set up with personal Sharefile folders so all updates can be shared and saved.
Email me:

You can support
The Bridge Project!

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to support The Bridge Project, you may donate to our foundation, The Miracle Embryo Foundation that directly supports this heart touching and relationship building work.

Make a Donation HERE


Start a Word Doc.

  1. Write your letter or note to your family, stating Dear Bob and Sue etc.
  2. Insert your photos, if you have them, into the Word Doc.
  3. Name your masterpiece and save it: Joey’s first birthday for Bob & Sue

Email your update to:

We will take care of the rest by adding these updates to your adopter or donor Sharefile folder for them to see. They will be notified by Sharefile that they have updates! People love updates, and we love to pass them on!

Maria Lancaster, President Co-founder
Questions? Call us: 888-959-7712

Now You Can Apply On-line!



Call us with any questions you have 1-888-959-7712

We do not have a waiting list!
You can also support our foundation: