Triplets! Jake’s and Alyssa’s Journey

Triplets - Ainsley, Evangeline, and Claire

Triplets! Jake’s and Alyssa’s Journey

Embryo adoption brings a family of 7 together!

This is a continuing story and we want to update you….. Triplets! What has this family been up to? Well, an additional set of twins! Beautiful family of 7!

Thank you to Jake and Alyssa for sharing your journey! Request more information here.

Triplets - Ainsley, Evangeline, and Claire

Ainsley, Evangeline, and Claire.

What happens when mom takes a 30 second shower. : )

Prepare to be inspired, embryo adoption is a miracle for our families!

Jake and Alyssa embryo adopted twin boys

And not to be ignored: Abram & Hudson at birth.

What a miracle story, don’t miss it! Embryo adoption has been an answer to infertility for this family.

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Congratulations to Vladimir and Irina!

Brandon Paul making his debut today. First born baby to this family.

Brandon Paul embryo adoption baby

A little rock star already!

“We are very happy to announce that our long awaited miracle baby boy, Brandon Paul arrived on May 23rd 2017. Our joy is immeasurable, but the doctor was able to measure it at 20 in long and 6lb, 15 oz! His arrival brought a different meaning to Father’s Day, and now, to our whole life. Our little boy is very well behaved and he made our transition to parenthood very easy. We are very excited to begin this new chapter of our life, together as a family.” -Irina & Vladimir

Brandon Paul embryo adoption baby boy

Brandon Paul as a newborn baby. So sweet. Let the fun begin. Congratulations to you, Vlad and Irina!

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*Fashionista Alert*

Mikayla Grace. Stopping by to say “Hi”

Here comes the JOY!

“Our lives have been turned upside down in the most amazing way since Mikayla Grace arrived. After nearly six years of hoping, wishing, and praying, our little miracle has woven her way into our hearts and the hearts of our friends and family. At just five months old, she is so much fun and loves to stand up, roll over, listen to music, play with her “big sister” puppy Luci, watch Puppy Dog Pals, and she’s even learning to swim! Our little family couldn’t be more happy or in love with this baby girl.

We thank God every day for bringing her into our lives. She was absolutely worth the wait!”

-Amy and Mike, proud parents

Mikayla Grace Photo Shoot

Photo shoot with my mom Amy.

Feeling feminine today! 5 months old. : )

Mikayala Grace Feeling Feminine

“Truth be known, I prefer pink.”


Miss Mikayla

Miss Mikayla

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“Souls on Ice”

A great read to learn about embryo adoption. It’s inspirational, too. The first person to reply, gets a free copy. : ) (U.S. residents)

We are proud of this book. It offers a lot of insight into “how it works” through the stories of everyday people. Link to purchase

Souls on Ice

Here are some great resources for you!

The slideshow is easy to see, use and understand “How it works”.

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