Twins for Father’s Day and Rick and Christina’s 16th wedding anniversary!

Rick and the twins

Twins for Father’s Day and Rick and Christina’s 16th wedding anniversary!

It’s Father’s Day!

AND Happy 16th Anniversary to Rick and Christina. You are an amazing family!

This is a wonderful story of overcoming. Rick and Christina struggled with infertility for many years. Here is their story in their own words, Rick to lead off:

“As far back as my college days, I always knew I was called to be a father. I had a hunch, even then, that adoption could be a part of our story. Once married, weeks and months turned into years as we kept trying to start a family. It wasn’t working and the difficulties mounted. After enduring a years -long journey we learned that while we couldn’t create a baby, Christina could carry one.”

-Rick B.

Rick with his father and sons

Rick with his father and sons. Owen Fletcher and Elijah Samuel.
Born May 24th 2015. Happy first birthday boys!

“She had always felt called to experience Motherhood in the fullest sense, which would include pregnancy…if that would ever be possible. Well, embryo adoption became God’s story for us.”


Rick Family

“Maria Lancaster and her staff became our shepherds as we entered into this great adventure reliant on prayers, faith, and God’s provision. I remember exactly where we were when we found out we were pregnant, when we found out they were twins (!), and ever since the ride has been awesome!

“The first year had lots of challenges but they’re the sort of thing that give God an opportunity to craft a great story! I promised God these boys would be his. They belong to him and I am merely his steward as I not only become the best Dad I can be, but strive to give them back to the world as example Christ-followers.”


Rick twin

“And it all started with the miracle of embryo adoption! Life is different now, and immeasurably fuller, deeper, and filled with wonder as we watch Elijah and Owen soak up their world around them.”


Rick twin with toy

“I’m glad our story is what it is. And I look forward to discovering the plans God has for our boys as they grow up and become the next disciple makers.”


WATCH and listen to Rick and Christina’s story

504 Journey – Part 5 from The Father’s House

Grampa holding his answered prayers

Grampa, holding his answered prayers.

It’s not always easy, but it is worth it!

In Christina’s own words:

You can LISTEN to Christina tell her story HERE

“My husband, Rick, and I will be celebrating 16 years of marriage this weekend. It’s hard to believe now, but half of that was spent trying to start a family. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would have been “one of those ladies” that could not get pregnant. I found that the infertility journey consisted of so many stages of grieving, whether it was grieving another holiday spent without a baby, grieving the failure of another round of IVF, even grieving the fact that I was never going to have a child that was biologically mine.”


Twin with car

“But throughout each step, God was moving me closer to embryo adoption, which ended up giving us our miracles. It was the perfect answer for us. In 2014 I found out I was pregnant with twins and we were overjoyed (and a bit overwhelmed!). My pregnancy was uneventful until 31 weeks when my water broke.”


Happy Birthday Owen and Elijah

Happy Birthday Owen and Elijah!

“From that point on all of it feels like a dream – 21 days on hospital bed rest, an emergent c-section, both boys in the NICU and then finally home as a family after 53 days. Our boys just celebrated their first birthday and yet I feel like I am still processing the birth. Nothing could have prepared me for the emotional and mental toll that preemie twins would take on me. Our miracles were finally here, but it was going to take another miracle for me to survive it!”


Twin one

“But God provided help and support in friends and family and slowly I learned how to be a mother to my two precious boys. Today I can’t imagine my life without them. And yet, at the same time, I can’t even begin to believe that they really are our sons and that I get to wake up to their giggles and smiles every day.”


Twin with one

“We are so incredibly blessed. The minutes and days are flying by and all I can do is hold on for the ride. My dear Elijah and Owen – you were so wanted and now you are so loved! To God be the glory!”


WATCH Rick and Christina’s full story told at their church
Listen to Christina’s Radio Interview HERE

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess the greatness of the miracle of God… They will realize what amazing things He does.”
Psalm 64:9


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