Valentine frozen for 18 years to the day, now born!

Newborn Ruth Marie

Valentine frozen for 18 years to the day, now born!

Happy Valentines Day 2016!

Baby Girl Born Nearly 19 Years Post Conception

This baby girl is the 3rd child born to Andrea and Chris, of Iowa. Their first two children were also adopted as a frozen embryos!

Introducing Ruth Marie, born January 19, 2016 at 11:21 PM. She weighed 8# and 15 Oz., and was 21.5 inches long. Congratulations to Chis and Andrea of Iowa!

This is an amazing story! This baby was frozen on May 2, 1996. The embryos were thawed May 2, 2014, by chance, exactly 18 years apart. The placing mother found out she was pregnant on Mother’s Day 1996, that she was pregnant. Since the embryos were thawed 18 years to the day apart, Andrea and Chris found out they were pregnant with Ruth on Mother’s Day, exactly 18 years later!

“We waited until birth to find out the sex of the baby. So far, I have guessed the sex of all three of our children correctly. A couple weeks before Ruth was born, I began to falter. It’s a big baby, maybe it is a boy? In the ultrasound, could it look like a boy? But, right after birth, “It’s a girl!” and she was so beautiful. She was plump and rosy red and just perfect in every way. Love – one of the only things that grow the more you give it away! – And it was love even before first sight”


Andrea and baby Ruth

Andrea the adopting mother and baby Ruth.

Ruth is the 3rd child born to Andrea and her husband Chris. “Embryo adoption seemed like a good fit for us, especially since we struggled with male factor infertility. The statistics of around a 38% success rate, although meant to caution us against becoming overly optimistic about any given cycle, seemed wildly in our favor. Naturally, we had about a 0% chance of conceiving. We began working with Bethany Christian Services and the National Embryo Donation Center and on the first transfer conceived our daughter (now 9). We attempted to have genetically related siblings with the remaining embryos, but the next two cycles were negative and followed by a positive that turned out to be a blighted ovum, where the baby never develops. We were matched with another family, and conceived our son (now 5) with that transfer.”


Andrea and Chris Family

Andrea and Chris with their family now. All children adopted as embryos.

“We probably wouldn’t have even considered another adoption without the prompting of faith. We had received so much and were called to share it with others. Just about every step of the way, I (Andrea) had to let go and follow where God was leading. Even when I doubted and worried, I tried to just let God do what it was that He had planned. I never doubted whether or not He could. I just sometimes wondered if He would. Faith allowed me to trust that whatever did happen, we would be where we were meant to be.”


Ruth Marie Siblings

“Our marriage and family is our vocation, and we felt that we had received so many blessings that maybe it was time to add to our family. This time felt different. It felt more about giving back than receiving, since we had been so blessed. With this slight change in attitude we started discerning how we were called to grow our family once again, starting from square one. After much prayer and thought over the period of a couple years, we were surprised to feel that God was again leading us towards embryo adoption. I had received Maria’s information about Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park at a pro-life event, and contacted her to begin the process.”

“When Maria called to say she thought she had a match, my heart skipped a beat. Then, when she related the age of the embryos, my heart fell a little. While Chris and I had discussed the potential scenario of spending the little money we had saved up for an adoption on unsuccessful embryo transfers, we had already agreed that there would still be good that would come out of it. The embryos wouldn’t be frozen anymore. If there were any little souls waiting, they would at least get to be in the arms of their maker. Remembering this conversation, we also wondered how many other couples, eager to conceive, would refuse these embryos? Our hearts felt for these frozen embryos. It had been so long for them; didn’t they deserve a fighting chance? Wasn’t there a reason God had presented these embryos to us? In pondering the words, “Whatsoever you did for the least of these, you did unto me…” we couldn’t think of anyone least of these, so entirely dependent on someone else. It was a matter of faith for us. Reason tried to persuade us otherwise, but we knew that God is a big God. When we get out of His way, He can do big things. “For nothing is impossible with God.” We decided to put our faith in God, and to act in the best interest of these embryos, come what may.”


Ruth Marie

Ruth Marie

“We have been in contact with placing family. We have an “open” adoption arrangement, as we do with our other older children and their families. It’s clear to see how much these embryos mean to this family, especially knowing that there is a beautiful baby girl that has been born. They are interested to know all about little Ruth, and it is a joy to get to know more about Ruth’s genetic family. It will be a blessing for them, and Ruth, that they will be in contact. Ruth will be able to know her older brother, born 18 years earlier. We don’t want any part of our adoptions to be a mystery, but rather we are open to getting to know the genetic family better.”


Ruth Marie with the boys

Dad Chris, big brother, and Ruth Marie. Congratulations to your family!

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess the greatness of the miracle of God… They will realize what amazing things He does.” Psalm 64:9

Big Boy Franklin Robert Born!

This is a first baby for Sarah and Matt. Congratulations! Now the fun begins, and a lifetime of joys.

Newborn Franklin Robert

Franklin Robert flashing his baby blue eyes. Mom and Dad falling in love.

“We are happy to announce that our sweet boy, Franklin Robert, was born on January 12, 2016. He was born at 12:45 AM, weighing 7 lbs, 13 oz. We are humbled to be his parents and honored to call him our son. We are forever grateful to our placing family for helping us achieve our dream of starting our family.”

-Sarah and Matt

Franklin Robert with Parents

Congratulations to a great mom and dad, Sarah and Matt.

“This is a special family to me, personally. Matt and Sarah live in the same area that I live. It is wonderful to walk the journey with couples from the beginning to now. Since we have many clients in other states, with was rewarding to know Sarah and Matt personally through all the steps to parenthood. I could not be happier for anyone. God bless you and your growing family Sarah and Matt!”

-Maria Lancaster
Co-founder/Pres. Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park

Hands and Newborn Feet

“…He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair.” Isaiah 61:3