We are celebrating 11 years this month!

We are celebrating 11 years this month!

God gave us 20 babies, on the way – as his Gift to us!

Elisha and the Seattle Times

This picture is of our daughter Elisha Lancaster 5 years ago, she is now 16. She is holding up the Seattle Times article from 2008 when Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park was founded. Elisha was adopted as a frozen embryo after being frozen for 4 years at 2 cells. I retold this story Saturday evening at the Legacy Institute event honoring Dr. James Dobson’s life’s work. Spreading the good news about embryo adoption was but one thing we are grateful to him for. Without him, there would be no anniversaries! Thank you, Dr. Dobson. Also, without Pastor Joe Fuiten and Cedar Park Church, this would have never happened either! Thanks to all at our Cedar Park Church family! Cedar Park
Maria D. Lancaster
Embryo Adoption Services
of Cedar Park



Jenna & Jonathan are telling their miracle story!
She’s due at Christmastime for a Christmas baby.

In Jenna’s words….

My husband and I had been trying to start our family for almost a year and a half when we found out that we would never be able to conceive a child naturally on our own. Only a couple months and tests later, we were told that the only way we might have a biological child was through IVF with ICSI, but our odds were ever so slim with our male-factor infertility and secondary female-factor infertility diagnoses. We didn’t feel any peace in our hearts that God was leading us forward in the direction of biological children, so we began to pursue other options. Just two weeks after our decision to look into other options, and almost exactly one year ago, my husband found embryo adoption and Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park online while researching….

Read the rest of the story here!

Dr. James Dobson Award Ceremony Highlights

From The Legacy Institute Dinner Saturday November 9th
We had a wonderful evening in Bellevue, WA as leaders from the Pacific Northwest gave Dr. James Dobson a Lifetime Achievement Award. We learned about embryo adoption through his radio program and at the time was with Focus on the Family. He has since founded Family Talk: Dr. James Dobson
Thank you Dr. Dobson for your influence that led to embryo adoption being possible for families. We will be forever grateful!

Carrie and Greg Abbott presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Dobson. He was really touched, and it showed, through his kind and generous words.
About Carrie and her radio program

Elisha Lancaster, Maria Lancaster and Carrie Abbott. Elisha is 16 now and making her parents really proud. The next generation serving our great God.
About the Legacy Institute

We had a lot of fun with our friends at the this inspiring event. Several organizations gave talks about how Dr. Dobson changed everything in their lives, and how God multiplied the works!
Dr. James Dobson

Thanks from all of us Dr. Dobson!

The Legacy Institute
Legacy Institute

Family Policy Institute of Washington
Family Policy of WA

CHRISTA Ministries

Care Net of Puget Sound

David Shelton Ministries

Dr’s Les and Leslie Parrott

Raven Rock Ranch

Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park

November is National Adoption Month!

There are children awaiting their forever families all over the world.

This link has LOADS of resources!

Seriously, there are some fantastic resources listed here. Topics like foster care, adoption, education classes, adoption events!~ Everything!

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National Adoption Month : )

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